About GMST 525

Students enrolled in GMST 525 at St. John Fisher College are exploring strategies for developing literacy in the content areas.

Fall 2011 – For this semester we have 8 students enrolled.  Check the course syllabus for the weekend dates of the class.

Summer 2011 – As of April 18, 2011 we have 7 students enrolled.  Please check the course syllabus for the dates of the class.

Fall 2010 – Currently, 9 students are enrolled for class starting on Friday, September 10th.  We meet every other weekend through October.

Summer 2010 – 11 students are registered for class starting on Friday, May 14th.

Fall 2009 – Our first class meets on Friday, Sept. 11th and is scheduled for every other weekend (Fri. & Sat.) through Oct.  24th.  So far we have 11 students registered.

Summer 2009 – Again the class will meet for 4 weekend sessions.  To help decrease the use of paper, more course materials will be posted online.

Summer 2008 – For this 4 weekend summer session we have 10 students enrolled. A few changes will be taking place, namely with the blogging requirements. We are changing to fewer required comments, but placing an emphasis on connecting to outside readings, blogs, etc. As always, this course is a work in progress and we are always looking for suggestions for improvements.

Spring 2008 – As of Jan. 1, 2008, we have 5 students enrolled. With the class only meeting on 4 weekends, it has been difficult to make any major changes to our course, but we have a few new ideas to implement for this group. Our plan is to try to connect virtually with EduCon 2.o for a few sessions while Wendy is in Philadelphia .

Summer 2007 – Janet taught this session solo!

Spring 2007 – There were 10 students enrolled in the course. Most students had no teaching experience and several were undergoing a change of careers. A few had a year or two of classroom experience under their belts. Areas of expertise for the group included middle and high school math and science.

Summer 2006 – There were twenty-one students in the course. Nine of the students had no teaching experience and twelve students had classroom experience ranging from 1-3 years. Areas of expertise included elementary education, special education, math and physics, biology, chemistry, earth science, and general science. Four students took this class as an independent study and participated in our blog discussions.

Class Instructors:

Wendy Smith: K-5 Math, Science, Technology Specialist

Janet Vandergrift: Reading Specialist

Instructional Technology:
Brian Smith: Streaming Thoughts; Model Schools Wiki;



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  1. Hi,
    I just found your blog looking for information about teaching math vocabulary. I love it! I have a blog as well. It is http://www.guidedmath.wordpress.com. If you get a chance, can you add it to your blog roll? I am definitely adding yours to mine. My blog is about using guided math as a powerful instructional strategy.

    Anyway, thanks for a great blog!
    Dr. Nicki

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