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May 21, 2008 at 9:53 pm | Posted in uncategorized | 6 Comments

As you were exploring the world of blogging last week, did you happen to visit What It’s Like on the Inside blog?  The Science Goddess, author of the blog, has graciously acknowledged our class in her recent post, Postpourri.  Visit the blog, read the linked posts to previous GMST 525 classes, explore the archived posts, and check out her blogroll.  There is bound to be something you can connect with professionally.  Most importantly, leave a comment on her blog.



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  1. I want it now. Only what I want and nothing more… I just had a long conversation with my wife about this blog. The blog is like hers. Her comments are that blogs have a wide audiance for a wide range of purposes. So how do we sort thru the the Science Goddess posting on catch 22, which I liked, and not read the gardening and staff postings? I will wait until I learn delicious and other SW tools to comment. This is difficult for me, where are the bullets? Where are the answers?

  2. I am just curious as to what the difference is between a blog and a message board. I have used message boards in classes before, but this just seems to be a little more confusing version of that. I don’t mean to sound old and afraid of technology, I just need some clarification.

  3. just trying to link a page St. John Fisher College

  4. Well, if the class gets to “say hello” then I get to say hello as well! I still have your blog on my google reader, which I am still addicted to- thank you very much! I just thought I’d chime in and let you guys know I set up a social network with a blog for my students at Arcadia. I found its a really good way to provide additional resources for students and parents outside the school day, as well as another way to connect with student interests. Students can comment on the blogs, comment on each others pages or message me privately. I am hoping to get next year’s students even more involved.

    Thanks for everything, loved your class! And if anyone has any questions, I’ll be reading 🙂 Happy blogging and good luck!

  5. Practice linking…

    Buffalo Bills

  6. Tracy,
    It’s great to hear from you and especially to know that you are addicted to Google Reader! Thanks for sharing the Ning you created for your class – we’ve just touched on blogs and wikis, so now you’ve added another layer to the Web 2.0 tools that can be used to support and develop content area literacy. We’d love for you to add your voice of experience to any of our posts!

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