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Thanks for joining our session at Educon. Brian and I appreciated your comments to help guide our conversation with the group.

I am currently sitting in a session – New Media Literacies for the 21st Century. Literacy was defined as meaning-making. A mother/daughter team are discussing how these literacies can be explored using the tools and environments of the interactive Internet. It’s very applicable to our course and the format is great.

What are your thoughts about your Educon experience so far? Is anyone planning on virtually attending tomorrow? I”d love to hear your thoughts and be able to discuss them with participants here tonight as we enjoy our Philly Cheesesteak dinner.



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  1. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! It was really exciting to be able to talk to you, Brian, your room and the other people online from all over the place. Again, it really goes to show how the internet can be used to bring people together, especially for the purpose of collaboration.

    As a class, we had an interesting experience. We struggled with getting ustream to work, and then again figuring out how to get Skype to work (Sorry for making that obnoxious phone ring!). Also, the sound quality was pretty poor and we struggled to hear a few of the other sessions. Once we joined in, it was hard for us to pay attention to the video stream, plus 2 chats and our own classroom discussions. The conversations all seemed to be jumbled, but nonetheless, it was still a great experience. I think as we continue to learn how things work, we could participate even more fully and effectively in that type of conference.

    Thanks for the opportunity. I don’t know as I would have done something like that on my own.

  2. I agree with Tracy, it was one of the coolest things I think that I’ve ever done in a class. The possibilities for something like this are amazing. While I was in class I was thinking how cool that would be to use if while I was teaching I had to be out for whatever reason but still able to talk. I could sit in my living room with my computer and have a class discussion and have the entire class seem me and see my entire class. Obviously this is a little bit of a stretch, but the potential for that to occur is definitely there.

    I again agree with Tracy when she brings up the issue of the quality of the sound, visual, etc. I think that this issue will probably take care of itself as technology progresses and improves. So while it isn’t great now I think that by the time I’m done teaching it will be something I can’t even imagine right now.

    The whole Educon conference is a great idea that promotes the interchange of ideas between teachers. Things like this can only improve teaching and it is going to create some great ideas.

  3. I really really enjoyed the conference! It was cool to think we were participating in a conference in Philladelphia. I do agree with Ted and Tracy when they say that there were some downfalls, like the sound. At some points it was hard to hear, but with the chat room it made communicating easier.

    I think that is such a great tool to have in your classroom. How cool would it be to have a jogsaw activity going with a clas from another state! With this technology its all possible!

  4. This was the first time for me. I thought the virtual conference was impressive. I can see many uses of video conferencing. Just like everyons else, I can see video conferencing with other classes throughout the world. This would let students experience other cultures and methods of education without being in a claasroom on the other side of the world.

    It amazes me at what technology allows us to do. The future looks even brighter as the technology gets better and better.

  5. I also really enjoyed the video conferencing we did last week. It was really exciting to be able to pretty easily have a conversation with many people in a different state. I think, as Ted mentioned, the technology gets better and better, we will be able to use this technique in our classrooms and make better connections and a better sense of community.

    It was a little difficult following the Skype conversation, the live feed, and the other discussion to the side of the video while still listening to all of the comments and discussing both what was being said in PA and in our room and what was being typed.

    Overall though, it was really great to experience. Thanks so much for thinking we would benefit from watching and interacting, because we definitely did!

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