Blogging in the classroom

July 7, 2007 at 10:53 am | Posted in uncategorized | 18 Comments

Hey, have you learned something new yet? What is your first impression of blogging?  How might blogging be used to bring about postitive change in your classroom?  What concerns or questions are you thinking about?

I am looking forward to exploring literacy in the content areas with you and establishing our learning community.

 – Janet



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  1. I think blogging can be a good developmental tool for students. This might be good to have students share information, as well as personal expression and/or experiences relative to the class topic/ unit.

  2. Well, once the process of signing up was finally figured out it seems fairly easy.

    I think that this would be good to use in a classroom, however, I think there could be some problems. If the responses of students were made public, other students might respond negatively. Students might also think that they can post whatever they want which could end up being offensive or bad remarks (things that should not be mentioned in a school setting). Since I am still new to this I don’t know if the responses could only be made public to the teacher yet private to other students or if there would be a way to safeguard from students who would abuse the process.

  3. I think blogging can be a way of opening up discussion and disseminating information to the classroom. One potential problem for blogging would be ensuring all students have equal access to the blog and having the ability to participate

  4. I have learned this is not a simple process to sign up for a blog. I think that this could be a great resourse for communication but I wonder about inappropraite comments or students posting non-related information. It is a big responsibility of the teacher to comstantly monitor the blog.

  5. Prior to this I felt that blogging was more or less a way for students to reflect on information but now I see that blogging has many more uses. Through its constructivist aspect it allows students to interact socially outside of the classroom and create meaning of the information shared. Additionally, it is a resource in which students can continuously edit, reflect and add to their previous feelings and thoughts. Through this aspect it encompasses educational growth. Finally, I think that it will make students more conscientious about what they say, as well as what their peers say.

    Blogging can bring about positive change in my (future) classroom by making students conscientious of their own thoughts and their peers’ thoughts. Often times (as we discussed last night) students are not aware of their own comprehension. However, this resource will allow the students and the teacher to monitor the students comprehension throughout the year. I also feel that blogging could be adapted to become a form of assessment for the teacher, and self-assessment for the students.

    At the moment I have no concerns or questions about blogging that I would like addressed. 🙂

  6. This is great because it is practical and makes the learning and information real. We are given a real world question or problem and have to think about it but we are also able to see what other people have to say about it as well. I think it is easier to communicate in this way for some people because it gives them a chance to think about their answer and takes away the pressure of having to come up with an answer on the spot! (Something I am guilty of having a problem with.) Students will be given a comfortable place to share their views.

  7. Blogging is going to take a little getting used to…It amazes me how resistent we get as we get older to learning and using new things.

    I do see how this could be a fun and helpful tool for both students and teachers. I can envision the students being able to pose questions about how to solve certain math problems and having other students in the class help them. I can also see how this might be intimidating for a student who is having a great amount of difficulty with understanding how to solve something and being embarassed by not being able to solve it correctly. So I might need to think through what the goal of blogging would be.

  8. …one potential problem with using the responses as an assessment format is that the student who responds last has the benefit of reading all the comments prior. Each post is not an independent response

  9. This is my first experience with blogging. It is a little difficult for me to determine its usefulness in the classroom since I have never done this before. I can see, based on the past five minutes, how students can socialize and interact in a constructive manner. There are possible downsides associated with this, including offensive or inappropriate comments. However if this is monitored, hopefully it can be a very useful tool.

  10. I have been familiar with what blogging is for awhile however have never felt the urge to use it. At first, I thought that the use of blogging as a tool for class was confusing and unnecessary for response and expression of opinion. However, I think that the “instant information” factor of blogging is good to keep the class updated on each others opinions and gives us a chance to organize our thoughts and opinions through written word while exercising technological skill, which is undoubtedly neccessary for all of us becoming math, science, and technology educators. I do not forsee myself using blogging for personal use however I think it is an effective tool for a class that is largely based on critical thinking and developing ideas to promote the common goal of literacy education through MST. Blogging can bring about positive change in a classroom to a student who is nervous about expressing their opinion orally in front of a class. The use of a blog will enable him to say what he wants to say and has the potential to eliminate the fear factor of public speaking. My biggest concern with blogging is learning the lingo of blogging!

  11. Well, my first impression of this new experience can be summarized in one word…COMPLICATED!!! However, with the help of Lindsey, I made it through and was able to help other class members.

    This activity can be extremely beneficial to all content areas, because it allow students to voice their opinions, perceptions, and misconceptions about a given topic. Additionally, it creates a online journal that can be shared to all class members. It forces students to re-evaluate or re-examine their beliefs and thus produce a level of understanding that coulfd not be accomplished with out this constructivst approach. Blogging can provide teachers with the indicators about students’ level of comprehension/understanding. The benefits can bring about positive change because they promote the four ELA standards and most of all learning.

    My questions are:
    1. How will you provide the time and resources needed to promote this activity/experience to make it truly beneficial?

    2. If students are not fortunate to have the technological resources at home, how will you utilize the resources in school, when you may not have assess to computer labs regulary?

  12. My experience with blogging has been to read other people’s posts on various subjects on the internet. Although I’ve never thought about creating a blog myself, I can definitely see how it would be useful for teaching to communicate and share information. One more tool in our toolbox! A great intro but much to learn and do.

  13. I do a lot of reading of blogs but I have yet to be an active participent. I’m looking forward to learning more about how to administer blogs for my own use.

    I think blogging can be a very useful tool in the classroom. It can provide students with another outlet for sharing information and opinions.

    There are many students who feel more comfortable expressing themselves in written form. I happen to be one of them. For many individuals it is very hard to accuratley express themselves verbally when put on the spot. This forum allows a person to organize his/her thoughts.

  14. I think that blogging can definitely be a useful tool in the classroom however I think in order for this to become a meaningful activity all students need to have equal access to blogging. This may mean that blogging becomes a weekly activity in the classroom so that students with no computer access at home can have an opportunity to blog.
    In response to students not posting appropriate comments on blogs I don’t see this as a problem. If you set clear expectations and have a zero tolerace policy students will know what is expected and follow the directions. Thinking of my 8th graders I know that I would have to model what a exemplar blog would look like and a not exemplar blog in order for my students to understand what is expected. I also think that blogs can be a graded activity in order to get students involved and following the expectations.
    I think that when students work on problem based activities they can use blogs as ways to communicate to other groups and see how other groups are taking steps to solve the same problem and bouncing ideas off each other and using other students as resources.
    I think blogging can be a beneficial experience in the classroom and can also help students who struggle with converting their thoughts into words. Blogging can definitely help students improve their ELA skills.

  15. I believe that the use of blogs in the classroom is a great idea. Blogs can be beneficial for students to communicate their feelings about certain topics. In my classroom, there is little time for discussion because of the short class periods and heavy curriculum, so blogs would be a great resource to use so that students can respond to certain issues outside of class. I also think that sometimes students are afraid to share their thoughts out loud to their peers, so blogs would be a great resource for those students who would normally not speak out. I agree with Stefanie that if clear expectations are given at the beginning, their won’t be any blog abuse. Most students will probably be very engaged; incorporating technology into any assignment is always fun for students. There is a concern about students not have access to a computer/internet access at home, but I think if students had a week to respond they could some time in the library or computer lab to write their response. Overall, I think that a blog might be a great tool in the classroom. It will ultimately strengthen students’ critical thinking and ELA skills, and also help them in improving in their subject area.

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