What’s Up Ahead?

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Briefly comment on your role in your group project presentation?  What do we have to look forward to experiencing?



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  1. Brain Gym will be the activity that I will be demonstrating during our group project. This helps people with disabilities and people without disabilities.

  2. I’m really excited about our group project because it is a topic that I have not previously explored. We are presenting on brain based research and how it can be applied to literacy in the content areas. So far I have been researching brain based learning and how it has been used in the classroom. For the presentation, I am working on a questionnaire that the class will take to determine which side of their brain is dominant. I also hope to include a computer program that determines brain dominance as well as whether a person is a visual or auditory learner. As a group, we are going to organize our research into a PowerPoint presentation.

  3. This is another exciting project. We will be exploring Wikibooks and what they are all about. We will be giving background information on them, how to implement into the classroom and how they can be utilized cross curriculm.

  4. I am working with Greg and Becky towards the completion of our project on Brain Based Learning with a Focus on Dyslexia. We are working individually and collectively on the outline and the research. Specifically, I am responsible for designing a power point presentation to highlight our research.

  5. I will be developing a handout listing different memorization techniques available to use with students. A brief description will be given in addition to a small amount of background information/research about memorization techniques.

  6. Have you ever wanted your students to “put something in their own words”? How about “draw a picture to represent… something”? Well, you will be learning about a great tool that helps students make personal connections to what they are learning. The tool in question… interactive notebooks. Steph, Catherine and I will be providing information about how to set up and use this tool in your teaching practice as well as “Do-It-Yourself” example!

  7. Becky, Ann, and myself are researching Brain Based Learning, and specifically, the affects of Dyslexia. A few of the questions we hope to answer include “What is brain based learning?”, “How does dylexia affect this learning process?”, and “Are there strategies for compensating or minimizing these effects?”. We plan on a Powerpoint presentation, handout, and a class activity.

  8. Our group is going to be discussing memorization techniques. I have currently done some research for our group that has gotten the ball rolling. I will be facilitating the activity and presentation during class.

  9. I am very happy with the way that our group is working. We are going to set up a website where people can go and click on links that will show them how to use some of the techniques that we have learned in class. We are also trying to set up audio in the form of narration that will guide people through the different strategies.

  10. I am excited about our presentation on memorization techniques. I continually used them myself in high school and college. I am also currently using them when I teach. My contribution to the group is the strategies I have used in my classroom as well as putting together a powerpoint that goes along with our project. Bet you all can’t wait! haha

  11. My group is doing interactive notebooks. The more we talk about them, the more value I see in them. It’s a great way for each student to make sense of what they are learning, to put it into either a drawing, a graphic organizer, columns, whatever works for that person, so that there can be a better ownership of the learning. I can’t wait to use them in my classroom next year!

  12. Jason described the main idea of our project. Along with Jen V, our goal will be to put a selection of literacy strategies online (on a wiki actually), as narrated slide shows along with exemplars.
    We hope to get a sense of the collaborative aspect of using a wiki to collect, organize and share information.

  13. Tamara and I are doing questioning strategies for our group project. We accomplished a lot on Friday night, and surprisingly found useful information. I wasn’t familiar with some of the strategies that we found, but I’m optimistic of their value. Tamara and I are pretty well set as far as this project, we just have to print out and finalize a few plans. I look forward to gaining more knowledge and insights from other group projects!

  14. I am in Sara’s group and like she stated we will be discussing Wikki’s. I am in charge of the background knowledge and what they are. Since none of us knew much about them it has been a great learning experience.

  15. I am looking forward to our presentation on brain based learning. Shelley, Minda, Tess and I are putting together an interactive powerpoint presentation. I am working on examples of questions that right and left brained learners tend to answer differently. We will soon find out what type of learners we are.

  16. My group consists of Larry and Jason, both of whom have had great ideas for our project. Larry has been especially creative with techonology, not only creating a wiki for our group, but thinking of creative ways to present our material. I’m excited to show off what we’ve done!

  17. I am working with Jessica and we will be presenting questioning strategies. I think this is one area that all new teachers could use some help and experience with. We have found some useful information, and we are excited for our presentation.

  18. Sara, John and I are going to be presenting the exciting world of wikis. I am in charge of presenting how to implement wikis into the classroom. I have been busy researching how wikis can fit into our classroom routines and sharing prime examples of teachers who have already made it work. I think you will all enjoy finding out how wikis can become part of your teaching. I look forward to sharing our powerpoint presentation with you!

  19. Michael, Lynzee & I will be doing our group presentation on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Each of us will be investigating and presenting on 2 levels of the structure. This is a topic that I am excited about learning more deeply, because I think that what we learn will have very useful applications in the classroom.

  20. Our project is on Brain Based Learning. I am interested in this topic because I have studied multiple intelligences before, and this seems like a similar topic and I was curious to see how to activate the different sides of the brain. For our presentation, Tess, Shelley, Andrea and I are going to have an interactive presentation that will allow everyone to determine which side of their brain dominates their thinking. I will be working on the literacy strategies that will appropriately activate the brain and prepare students for learning.

  21. As Rich explained, he, Lynzee and I will be preparing our final project on Bloom’s Taxonomy. We will be exploring each level of the cognitive domain in detail and briefly explaining the affective and psychomotor domains. We will also be making connections between the different levels and content area literacy. This project has helped clarify and make Bloom’s Taxonomy more useful and applicable to the classroom. I have enjoyed the research!

  22. I am excited to share the world of interactive notebooks with others in this class! I hope that each of you will walk away with an enlightened view of the benefits your students will have from them. Heather, Catherine and I will show you how interactive notebooks take new learning for students to a higher level when they are provided the oppourtunity to make the learning meaningful to themselves individually as a learner, through pictures, diagrams, quotes or words!

  23. I researched the topic of brain based research and also read a 100 page book on the topic. I took notes on the information and supplied the group with a 10 page series of condensed information from all of the journals and the text.

    I also came up with a short quiz that the class could take to determine if we were left brain or right brained. We ended up deciding to use a short quiz that Tess had on her computer.

  24. I presented some information on the Socratic Seminar, and how this method of dialogue can increase literacy and allow students to think outside the “text.”

  25. I must say you all have such interesting presentation ideas—I am sad I wont get to see them—best of luck to all of you from reading your blog posts I am sure you will all do wonderfully! As Rich and Mike have already shared we will be preparing a presentation on Blooms Taxonomy and its application to literacy. We will be touching on all six levels and making connections between each level and how that can be applied to literacy in he classroom with various reading strategies we have leaned through out the course!

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