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June 11, 2006 at 11:10 pm | Posted in uncategorized | 4 Comments

Here are a few sites related to metacognition that may be useful when developing your own Think-Aloud.  

Metacognition in Mathematics: http://mathforum.org/~sarah/Discussion.Sessions/Schoenfeld.html

Think-alouds to improve comprehension:  http://www.writingproject.org/pub/nwpr/improvingcomprehension/2001/wilhem.html



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  1. I have already begun to look at the website and am quite impressed with all the information. Thanks for the great reference. I am going to add it to my personal blog.

  2. Thanks for posting those sites. I will reference back to the second one when I develop my think-aloud.

  3. Hello Wendy-I have tried everything possible to e-mail you. I have also tried calling your house and no return phone call. This is the last way that I could think of to get in tough with you. Please let me know if you where able to recieve any e-mails from any of my accounts. Thanks

  4. I would like to share with all of you a site that I found while doing work for the class. I believe all teachers could use this site

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