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June 3, 2006 at 1:53 pm | Posted in Content Area Literacy | 35 Comments

What questions about developing content area literacy do you hope will be answered by this class?  After last night's class, what are you most excited about?



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  1. It is OK you will get better.

  2. I wasn’t able to make last nights class. I’m hoping to get some of the information that I missed so that I do not fall too far behind.

  3. I am hoping that at the end of this class I will be able to interest my students to understand that they need to learn mathematics as a language and learn how to use readng strategies to better their understanding of the math content. Conquering the question from my students of “Why do I need to read and write in math when it is just numbers?” is what my goal is for this class.
    So far, I am most exicted about the blogging and technology piece of this course. I am also pretty excited about the class atmosphere. It appears that there will be plenty of discussion and opinions shared, which should make the class interesting.

  4. I am most excited to put together a binder of resources to have for my future in teaching. Today, I hope to learn about where to look for good content area sources. I know to check the school and public library, but most of the time; I cannot find adequate or sufficient material for my students. Looking in the newspaper is also a good source but you have to be looking over time for things that relate to your subject area. What do new or newer teachers do?

  5. I hope that by using this class I will enrich my eduactional experience as well as my students.

  6. So far the blogging is a cool thing to be able to add to my repertiore. It may be a little tough with math, but eventually there will be something that I can use or do with it.

  7. I am excited to begin this class. I’ve heard of blogs before, but never used in the professional field. It’s interesting to see how many educators and other professional post blogs. It is going to be interesting to read insights and ideas from other teachers.
    I am hoping to find more ways to incorporate literacy in the classroom. We’ve learned many in our GMST classes, but I’m hoping to get NEW ideas that can be incorporated into the classroom. I am also hoping to produce a great binder for future use in interviews.

  8. I like learning how to use a blog, since I never really understood it before. I know how important Literacy is in all of the content areas, and I’m excited to use the knowledge that we’ll learn in my classroom.

  9. I hope to take with me a greater understanding of the strategies I use to teach literacy on a daily basis from this class. I am looking forward to developing a binder that will be useful to my instruction immediately. I am looking forward to discussing and learning with others in this class. I walked away last night excited from the diverse experiences and areas of expertise that we all have.

  10. After last nights class, I am most excited about learning new literacy strategies that will promote student success. I am really glad to see that our classroom community is very strong and everyone has a lot of wonderful ideas to share. As far as content area literacy questions, my goal is to find out more about integrating technology into my literacy instrucion.

  11. I am most interested in discovering a host of strategies for helping my students tackle the text book. I would like to help them with pre-reading activities, strategies for note taking and organization of thought, and encouraging them to look up terminology they do not understand. Basically, I would like for them to gain more from the readings that I assign so that they can come to class prepared.

  12. I hope that by the end of this class that I will take valuable information about developing content area literacy in my core content area, which is Biology. As for now, I will be honest, I really don’t know that much about developing literacy in a content area. I know that literacy has many meanings as we posted last night with our concept maps. I know that it is vital and important for students to have and continually develope literacy in their content area, its just a matter of how to teach that to your class. Hopefully by the end of class I will know how to do that and what information I need to pull from this class in order to teach it to my future students.
    I am most excited about our group discussions. I am a person who loves to hear everyone else’s comments about things. It gives me new perspective and ideas about topics that we are discussing and leaves me with more of an open mind than I had before on certain topics.

  13. Reading and writing are necessary skills in science. Students always struggle with formulating ideas and being able to put their thoughts and results into writing. My question was “How can I help my students overcome troubles in literacy and really experience chemistry?”

    Blogging will be an interesting aspect of this course! I hate writing papers so, “woohoo” for blogs!

  14. This will be my third literacy class, and I am hoping to build on my current strategies of how to incorporate literacy strategies into the Physics classroom. Already today I am excited about the possibilities of blogging as a means of communication between the classroom and families.

  15. Math and physics are considered by many drudgery but by finding ways to get up to date information that students get intrigued by would be what I would like to learn. I would also like to learn how to get students to think that the required texts are useful. Literacy is our tool to greater information and helping students develop their literacy in physics and mathematics.

  16. Am I the only one who suddenly feels really old and out of touch? I thought I knew the computer happenings… But I blinked, and missed so much.
    I am definitely interested in seeing how this blogging thing turns out in our classroom, and eventually how useful and productive it is in a high school math classroom. In my own high school education, literacy was of little importance, as long as you could read “Solve” and “Factor”. Even though I consider myself open to new experiences, I am weary as to how much of a role literacy has in math. Obviously you have to be able to read and write, but it’s not quite to the same extent as a social studies class. Then again, maybe that’s why I still have a lot of trouble with probability.

  17. I am excited about learning new ways to bring literacy and active learning concepts into my math classroom. I think this course is going to provide great insight on how to enhance my curriculum. I am hoping to incorporate the use of blogs as well.

  18. I hope to continue to get a better sense of what “content literacy” really means, and build a toolbox of strategies that I will be able to use when I have my own math and physics students. McKenna and Robinson’s definition “the ability to use reading and writing for the acgusition of NEW content” is very clear and concise. Embedded in that statement is the sense of “leading to independent learning”.
    I am excited about this class because I am a huge fan of non-fiction writing, especially in the science area, and this fits right in with that passion!

  19. Through this course, I hope to identify the best strategies for incorporating literacy in my science classroom. I believe that scientific literacy can be difficult for students, so I would like to develop ideas for creating literacy skills to promote content understanding. I feel like this course is definitely going to provide me with some great ideas!
    I’m really excited about blogging. I’ve heard of it before, but I didn’t really know what it was all about. I think it’s going to be a great source for current information on content area topics. It provides the opportunity to bring current articles into the classroom and they are easy to find. It will be wonderful to have one site that contains links to all my interests. I think it will be a fantastic research tool.

  20. I hope to have a good understanding of the different strategies that I can use to incorporate literacy into the math curriculum. Many of my students don’t see the importance of reading in math.

    I am excited to learn! I try to incorporate as much technology into my classroom as possible and blogging is one way I will be able to do this. Although, it will definitely take time to plan for use in the classroom . I am also excited to hear more of what other teachers are doing to engage students and incorporate literacy in the content area.

  21. I don’t know what to expect from this class. Some of the other classes had me expecting one thing only to have it be something totally different. But I would like to discover new resources that I can use when I do become a teacher. As far as the blogs that we talked about today in class, I think that it will be a very good resource for me in the future. I have heard about them, but I must admit that I have very little knowledge of what they actually were until today. I’m still not completely sure what they are or how they can be useful, but this experience will lead me to learn more about them.

  22. Test

  23. I hope to learn practical ways to incorporate literacy related activities to lesson plans for high school math. When I was in high school 25 years ago, math classes (mine anyway) were taught largely from text books and consisted largely of lectures, practice problems, and exams. Little if any attention was paid to communications skills or literacy other than mathematical vocabulary. As a current professional in a mathematically intense field, I can attest to the fact that literacy is key. I hope that this class will help me make this connection to students in the future.

  24. I look forward to acquiring practical tools to use in my high school mathematics classroom; tools to help students become life long learners by enhancing their literacy skills. I hope my students will able to better utilize their textbooks, better learn and understand content vocabulary, better understand all of our classroom reading and become more effective communicators.

  25. I enjoyed working with you all today. I think you are going to learn practical ways to promote literacy through this course as well as through blogs and news feeds.

    As an Instructional Technology Specialist, I am encouraged by remarks from Jason:

    I think that it will be a very good resource for me in the future. I have heard about them, but I must admit that I have very little knowledge of what they actually were until today. I’m still not completely sure what they are or how they can be useful, but this experience will lead me to learn more about them.

    I particularly like what Heather wrote in her understandably euphoric reply:

    Blogging will be an interesting aspect of this course! I hate writing papers so, “woohoo” for blogs!

    I have added a link to my name of a resource you may want to check out from time to time. If you are familiar with http://www.wikipedia.org you may recognize the format. My colleague and I have been building this wiki as a resource for educators to learn more about integrating and enhancing curriculum with technology. Check it out!

    Best of luck to you all!

  26. I am so excited to see the work going on in this class and plan on watching (and perhaps blogging) about what you learn! What an exciting class!

    Remember that when you are new at something that you have an amazing perspective and voice that those who have been using things a while longer do not have. Your voice is valuable and can be heard if you do a good job and diligently post.

    I’ve been posting around 6 months on cool cat teacher and have around 300 subscribers of various feeds. That floors me! I think there are several new emerging bloggers.

    The first skill of a great blogger is effective commenting! Good job!

  27. After reading everyone’s postings I am very impressed with the depth of thought and genuine enthusiasm that everyone is projecting. I too am a neophyte to the blog forum so it is a bit intimidating, but it appears to be a virtual abyss of untapped opinions, knowledge, and resources previously unavailable to me. I welcome a challenge and this certainly appears to resemble one. Personally, I would like to continue to learn how to incorporate literacy daily into to my future lessons. I would like to discover numerous, varied strategies to do just that. Literacy alone opens endless doors for our students, thus it deserves emphasis in every content area. I previously thought literacy was left to the English teachers, but have come to understand that is unfair to those educators and our students. When a student is encouraged to write about his/her understanding, it reveals so much more than a selected response assessment. I would also like to have a useful “toolbox” to take with me as I enter my student teaching.

  28. Michael is correct in saying that it is a:

    virtual abyss of untapped opinions, knowledge, and resources

    which is unavailable to many teachers. It is not unavailable because of restricted access so much (well, in some schools it is, but shouldn't be) as it is ignorance. Before this course did you have any idea that you would be blogging? I encourage you all to check your Bloglines accounts daily. I am excited to see the many responses and the depth that your conversations are taking.

    Afterall, that's what blogging is… continued conversation.

  29. I must say, after reading these comments again and thinking about my original comments, I do still say woohoo but it’s tough with the school year winding down and preparing students for a Regents Exam.
    I’ve discussed using blogs for my General Chemistry classes next year and the librarian at the school at which I teach thinks that blogs would really enhance some of the projects that I do. I think it will be exciting to use this method and hopefully get my students interested and build their communication skills.

  30. I have to admit that I am experiencing a bit of that “deer in the headlights” sort of feeling at the moment, although I am sure it will be temporary. This is a good reminder of what our own students will go through as they are learning new things. The most intimidating aspect of this course for me so far is that fact that this will be my first blogging experience. It is interesting to note as I am typing, (in Word-2000), that both the word “blog” and “blogging” are not recognized by the spell-checker. I guess that gives an indication of how recently the whole blogging world has evolved.

    There are a lot of interesting and enthusiastic entries already on this blog. I agree with Sara’s comment that as of today, “I really don’t know that much about developing literacy in a content area.” Like many of the other responders though, I am anxious to learn more about literacy, and the applications for teaching in my content area, (Physics and possibly Math after a couple extra courses).

  31. Brian, How did you make the quotes?

  32. I must say I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the present moment (just as Rich has expressed). I am not the most computer savvy ( in fact it took me a while to get here). However it is a challenge I am looking forward to, and a tool that I will hopefully be able to master and use as a future resource. I must say as I look over all that we will be doing I am very excited to learn all these strategies many I have not encountered before. I think it is excellent that at the end of this class I will have a place of reference to carry with me and implement in my future classroom. My content area is biology and even though there is a lot of “textbook” reading involved in the sciences I never realized all the different techniques I could use to get the information to my students in a way that would both get them the content and literacy skills necessary, while making it fun and interesting at the same time. I too had always thought that you leave the reading and writing skills to the ELA teachers, knowing my responsibilities as an educator I am looking forward to learning how to implement literacy into a biology classroom. It is really quite amazing to read over everyone’s responses. Everyone has a slightly different take on literacy and it is interesting to hear what educators of different backgrounds have to say. Even though this maybe a scary adventure I am looking forward to “blogging” with all of you and learning from all of you.

  33. In response to Stephanies question…

    To make a quote when you are refering to text written by someone else on a blog post or in a comment simple bookend the quote with a simple HTML tag like this:

    <blockquote>So-and-so said this.</blockquote>

    What you will get is something like this:

    So-and-so said this.

    Check out the tags just below the commenting section on each blog post for more XHTML tags.

  34. By the end of this class, I hope to gain more knowledge on the various literacy techniques and their effectiveness with students who are learning chemistry. In addition, I excited to be able to hear and learn from others in this class because this is the way we all grow and become better at what we do.

  35. I guess my biggest question about content area literacy would have been how in the world does it relate to mathematics? I am excited to actually implement a lot of the things I have learned, particularly the Think Aloud strategies as well as the R.A.F.T’s. I know I can easily apply those into my courses with high levels of student success. There are some good pre-reading activities and vocabulary lesson ideas that I can incorporate as well. Overall I am happy with the results of this class and the ability to integrate the topics in my math classes.

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